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Tips for Healthy Digestion from Ayurveda

There was a time, not so long back, that I used to get stomach cramps and I’d resort to taking laxatives. It was easy enough–and it worked. I didn’t understand how wheat clogged me up or that my stomach couldn’t take too many carbs at once. I was just not aware of what “being healthy” meant.

Now, of course, I have come a long way (maybe too far, those who know me well might say). However, having tried laxatives and soaked prunes, then cutting things out of my diet, then avoiding wheat or dairy, the best solution to date has been my latest hot water fad (only I hope it’s not just a fad).

Ayurveda Suggests Drinking Hot Water for Digestion Instead of ColdI started off by drinking hot water in the morning before my breakfast, hoping that this would help to cleanse my system, which it only sometimes did. However, it was not long before I became obsessed with hot water and began to drink mug after mug throughout the day.

Being a hot drink fanatic, I was still gulping down just as many teas and coffees as before, but the addition of hot water right through the day literally began to sort out my digestive system. It was doing the work a laxative would usually do and, free from any stomach cramps and bloating, I was beginning to feel great.

It is an Ayurveda digestion rule that drinking cold water during and after a meal is not good for the body, and it is also believed that this does not help if it’s weight loss you’re after. Therefore, replacing it with hot water, as the Japanese and Chinese do, is the best solution.

Here’s my healthy digestion tips: sip hot water whenever I’m at home, ask for hot water at restaurants after my meal and at coffee shops while I’m sitting and reading. Yes, it’s an odd thing to order and I do sometimes have to repeat myself, but it sure does clean the stomach and flush out toxins. And, above all, it has naturally helped me to cut down on teas and coffees.

What’s more, hot water not only helps the digestive processes, but also is said to relieve heartburn, acute indigestion, vomiting, and cramps in the abdomen. And if the taste of plain hot water is too bland, then enjoy it in the form of herbal tea. Add some fresh mint leaves or a teabag of green tea (my favorites are licorice or cinnamon), and if you have a sweeter tooth, then stir in a spoonful of honey.

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  1. I’ve heard similar advice from the Chinese tradition, but one teacher advises me to drink water warm, not very hot. Also, I was told that honey should not be added to anything hot as this produces a mildly toxic effect. I do like Ayurveda, as they wisely counsel people based on their own type (or doshas). For digestion, ginger is also usually recommended.

  2. There are other ways like having amlaki (asian) for health benefits or Ayurveda is really good.

  3. Warm water can help in digestion and should be ingested right after the food. But once we get used to doing this it will not work anymore. So it is better to a use natural supplement like Proleva. I started using it after my friend recommended me. Proleva has Goji berries which has become popular for it’s ability to improve the digestion system.

  4. For good digestion use ginger in your food and honey can be used with warm water.

  5. Thank you for the topic of healthy digestion.  It is very important for physical and mental functioning and well being.  I have also heard that warm water with lemon is good for digestion in the morning.  Thereafter, temperate consumption and wise food choices are fundamental to healthy digestion.  Probiotics, healthy fiber and high water-content vegetables with live enzymes are helpful along with supplements or enhancements.

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