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Interested in Learning the Healing Art of Reflexology Online?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn reflexology or take a reflexology class online, Universal Class is offering reflexology classes you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

This online, work at your own pace reflexology class offers a unique, affordable option for anyone interested in learning this valuable healing art form.

This online reflexology class combines online lessons with instructor evaluations and feedback.

Affordable Way to Learn the Basics

Learn Reflexology
Reflexology Basics costs just $35 to take the class without certification or $60 to take the class and receive an online certification.

This certification is not from nor is it affiliated with an accredited reflexology association or institution.

Once you enroll and pay for the class, students have a six month period to finish the instructions while working at your own pace.

This program provides an exciting opportunity for anyone who just wants to learn more about the basics of reflexology for personal use; or for someone considering a more intensive training program who is interested in learning more about reflexology techniques before committing the time and money to a more involved reflexology class or program.

Techniques and Theory

This online reflexology course covers the basic reflexology techniques and theory only.

Students briefly examine the history of reflexology and learn about what a typical reflexology session is like.

In other lessons the students learn about the basic areas of the hands and feet that these techniques tap into something anyone interested in learning reflexology should know.

Relaxation Tips

Students learn eight relaxation tips to use before a session as well as learn and practice the ten different treatment patterns performed in full reflexology treatment sessions.

Finally students learn about hand reflexology and common body system disorders that reflexology is successful in treating.

Reflexology Foot ChartThere is no previous experience in required for this online reflexology class and no books are used. This course offers an opportunity for anyone who wants to know more about the art of reflexology and how it can be used in their personal life or as a professional venture.

The price is right and the Universal Class offers follow up, online assistance with developing a portfolio and finding clients.


Click here to > Download a Free reflexology Foot Chart

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  1. Hello, Im interested in your online course but how do I do the payment side from South Africa?

  2. You can not properly learn reflexology on line. My wife studied over 200 hours at a school in Korea and if she did not have the hands on training, she would not have grasped all the techniques, any reflexologist who gets an online degree does not truly know technique. I have had other reflexology treatments and none compare to my wife’s and all her clients say the same thing, calling the others thieves, even though my wife charges a higher price.

  3. Hi, Angela. Thank you for your question. Our article above is a review of the “Reflexology Basics” on-line course, not a product that we sell. universalclass.com will be able to address your payment questions, since they offer the course.

  4. Has there been any research on relieving the pain from post shingles? I have had them for over three years and can not find anything to stop the pain. There is no change in relieving the pain from anything that I have tried.

  5. Hi, John. My Mom had horrible pain from PHN (Postherpetic Neuralgia) — the aftermath of shingles on her face — and received relief from this product > LarreaRx Lotion (Virox). If you end up using the product, please re-post here and let us know how it goes.

  6. Sandy Breckenridge

    The course above is designed to give people an introduction to reflexology to see if they want to pursue it further.

  7. I suffer sever asthma. The doctors tell me I have to learn to relax. Ha, how? When you are in the middle of an attack how can I relax. Easy for them to say. Can you help me please. Also, I have very bad osteoarthritis, Spondylolisthesis and now have Bursitis. I have a morphine pump inserted in my stomach to keep me upright but the pain is very bad. Could that reflexology basic course help me do you think? And is there anything else you could recommend? I am desperate, thank you for listening.

  8. To Donnie M., did you read the introduction at the start of this question and answer session? This course is for people to try and help themselves and or are interested in learning more to see if they would like to go on and do a university course to do all the training. Do not jump down peoples throats but read it all first. Good on your wife and you should be proud of her, but give the rest of us a chance also. We are not as lucky or as qualified as she seems to be. Hoping to get there.

  9. Kirk VandenBerghe

    @Helen – Happy to hear you’re exploring alternative health methods to learn to relax. My mom is 83, has COPD and high blood pressure, and is having great success with the emWave Personal Stress Reliever. Unlike just taking drugs to relieve symptoms, the emWave takes practice; however, by building your biofeedback skills you can address the root of the problem.

  10. I agree that online is not the way to learn reflexology, but it might be a good way to get a basic introduction, and then move on to a proper education.

  11. Kirk VandenBerghe

    Well said, Katrien. Learning is a process and there’s no one, right way to learn.

  12. I have been doing reflexology for 30 years. I am for the first time really up against a wall. I have for one year had a sick painful area on the right inside foot starting down from the big toe joint, and down to the some charts say is the stomach. I push and get a refreshing painful release of stress but it never goes away the sensitivity and the cry for help that something is wrong.

    The chart I have says nothing about the area where I am in pain. Just below half and inch or one inch below the big toe joint on the inside not in the middle of the foot.

    Any help or suggestions will be taken with respect and care. I have diverticulitus and colon problems, and I can not digest my food right now very well. Well lets say I can eat some foods and drink the Ensure Plus protein and vitamin drink.

    Please advice, Yours truly


    • Hi Rick, we are not able to provide medical advice, but you may want to visit a naturopathic provider and have a test for inflammation, and also a hormone test. Sometimes hormone fluctuation can effect the flexibility in the hand and foot joints. Also inflammation can set in the joints. If you are having trouble with digestion that can cause inflammatory issues too. Another thing you can do is play with some energy medicine techniquesalong with Reflexology.

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