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Delayed Pressure Urticaria Treatment and Cures


I have suffered from delayed pressure urticaria for last three years.

No one can explain why or how I got it (no family history).

I figure it came about from war zone inoculations. It’s a quality of life issue now, as I can no longer golf, workout, run, or wear any clothing that is too tight. Medical people just want to throw pills at symptoms. I’m looking for something to cure. Can you suggest anything?

Dr. Leia’s Answer

Dear Robert,

Delayed pressure urticaria is a form of hives or swelling, edema or redness of the skin due to some form of pressure exerted upon the skin. Other than allergies, it is not known what causes this more persistent and severe type of urticaria. Most doctors find this condition difficult to treat.

Toxic PollutionConsidering that you were in the war zone and were exposed to lots of toxins in both the atmosphere and through inoculations, you might be having a reaction to toxic pollution and exposure. So the holistic approach would be to find out what toxins are present in your body, and then do a detoxification protocol specifically designed to remove those substances. There are several methods of testing for toxic substances in the body:

  1. Hair mineral analysis to test for toxic metals present in the body tissue stores.
  2. Urinary challenge tests for heavy metals and other organo-substances.
  3. Oxidative stress and antioxidant testing.
  4. Organo-chemical and petro-chemical testing.
  5. Liver function and detoxification testing.

If you live in an area where naturopathic doctors are present, these doctors can order the above tests for you, interpret them, and then develop a protocol for your particular situation. Sometimes other alternative health and nutritional practitioners may also have a working knowledge of these tests.

Products to Detoxify the BodyIf it is not possible for you to visit one of these practitioners, I would recommend that you seek out body detoxification products which will help you to cleanse and detox the body, especially the liver, then after your cleansing regimen use antioxidants and immune builders to restore health and vitality to the body. You might also want to seek out an acupuncturist who may be able to assist you in balancing your body’s energy, increase your circulation, and strengthen your immune system.

Best regards in your endeavors.

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  1. I too have had this condition. I had it for two years straight, and nobody could tell me what was going on. I had been in the Army for six years and even as I was trying to get out, they were still giving me Anthrax, Yellow Fever, Small Pox and so on. My unit was getting ready to deploy, and I was not going. But I still received everything a soldier would before they deploy. I had this unexplainable condition you call Urticaria. It would not leave my body for over two years. I tried everything, and I felt my immune system was compromised. I used two medications at the same time, given to me by a doctor I worked for. I also did a cleanse and a special diet without sulfite or food preservatives. It started working, and I now, after four more years, do not have the condition. I still get signs of it coming on, and I stop eating or drinking whatever would cause these symptoms to appear again. Then they would not come back.

  2. I have delayed pressure angioedema mostly in my hands and feet for more than a decade now, it occurred on the onset of my menopause. It is debilitating. I was a very active and energetic individual. I can not exercise or even have long walks right now, parking lot to building is the extend of my daily walk. I have tried antihistamines, and they worked only for a short period of time. I am not using anything right now. I changed my life style to a very sedentary life style to accommodate my illness.

    • After suffering with DPU for 20 years, I was diagnosed with H Pylori. After taking the meds and testing H Pylori free, I am DPU FREE for almost a year now. I cannot begin to tell you how much better my life is!

  3. I too have had this problem since I was 16. I would not suggest immune system enhancers as it seems to often be an autoimmune response. This is why medical doctors use steroids, or immunosuppressants, to control the disease. Detox could be very useful but without a known trigger, immune system enhancers are a terrible suggestion.

  4. Hi Maria, I believe Dr. Leia pointed out that a person would have to be tested to find out what was causing the problem first. She states this in the second paragraph. Also later she mentions a detox program could be a good idea after the problem triggers have been found. In addition, she does not suggest using immune system enhancers until the detox has been completed. I personally have suffered from some of the side effects of steroids and feel that an alternative treatment is most welcome.

  5. I’ve had this for four years in the beginning it was too much to deal with. The first time I had what I like to call an attack, my whole body welted up and I’m not talking about little welts it was like my body swelled up. After that it was on going anything I wore, my bra, my pants, it affected me from working and going to school. I couldn’t sit down for a long period of time because the back of my knees and my thighs would get so bad and itch like crazy. I thought I had parasites for a long time.

    I would take a lot of Benadryl but that wore of real quick. I could not sleep at night, if I was on my back too long it would start. I could not sleep for nights and weeks. It seemed like the only way I would get sleep was by drinking myself to sleep since there was no other way. It wasn’t great waking up with a hang over, but I was able to sleep. two years later I went to a dermatologist and he was not able to figure out what was wrong. He tried giving me everything that I had already tried and was just not understanding. So I went to this small clinic that my mother took me to and finally found an answer.

    He gave me something to help me sleep but not cure. It is frustrating to live with. It has been four years, and I just had a little girl. It was weird through my whole pregnancy it went away, I was fine. I got scared because I thought by my stomach stretching it would get worse. It’s been a month and four days and its back, and trying to cope with it is hard especially with my baby. I never heard of any one ever having this disease besides myself and I really had no one to talk too or who could relate.

  6. I have been dealing with pressure induced urticaria for about three years now with no known cause and no known cure. Also military and it began during a deployment. Would like to hear from anyone else military who has this urticaria. Trying to find a possible link as to where we were deployed to. Also have a friend who deployed with me and has the same symptoms though no diagnosis yet. Please can you leave a post.

    • I was in Iraq in 2005 19 years old healthy kid when I came back I had this intense itching at first doctors didnt do much at all, told me to take claritin because it was spring and the pollin was maybe the cause. Didnt work so I started taking Zyrtec been on it ever since its something overseas I blame Halliburton they had a lawsuit from civilians who sued them for using bacteria filled water for our showering systems the water was border line yellow and over medicated we should all get disability for the rest of our lives for this its a nightmare to fear sweating, and have to ensure you always have a pill near.

      • I too have this condition. I have had it for nine years. I started seeing symptoms of this after taking the fifth shot of my anthrax vaccinations. Still same old answer same old news. There is no cure, they don’t know what caused it, just take an antihistamine, over and over and over. Why will the government not fess up to destroying our lives.

      • I was deployed to Iraq and this terrible disease is now a big part of my life. I took high doses of antihistamines at first for years and now I have dry skin and eyes and no hair because it became brittle and fell out. It seems the more medications I take the symptoms intensify as if the histamines feed off medication and become stronger. The longer I go on with this problem the more intense the itching becomes and now I suffer every night with pressure urticaria. While everyone sleeps I am awake itching and go to work tired every day. I too drank so much to try to stop the itch and get some sleep to the point of not being able to stop using alcohol and seeking help at the VA. I have taken Cyclosporine now for three weeks and I itch more. I have used every topical in the book, and I itch from the topical eventually and have to stop using them. I am thinking about having a skin biopsy.

  7. I don’t know if this will help anyone or not, Ive had this for thirteen years now. It started back in 1998. One day out of nowhere the bottom of my foot started to swell. I thought it was a spider bite or something. It hurt so bad and I couldn’t even walk on it. I finally thought to take a Benadryl to see if it would help. Little did I know that, that was going to be the start of my codependent, love hate relationship with Benadryl. After that day it seemed to happen all the time. I would cry, my eyes would swell, my shoe was too tight, my feet would swell. I drank too much one night, threw up and my throat would swell. Not good, it got so bad that even smoking cigarettes would make my throat swell, and it got to the point that my insides would swell, and every time I swallowed it hurt. I had multiple visits to the emergency room and nothing. No one seemed to know what I had. Ive read allergies to food, clothing, etc. After so many years I figured out on my own that I was allergic to pressure, and luckily for me a nightly Benadryl for the last thirteen years has for the most part kept it under control. But I wonder if one day because Ive been taking it for so long if my body will become immune to it? I hope not. Plus, Ive been on it for so long that I cant sleep without it. It sucks. But back to what caused it. I had a traumatic accident the year before this all started. I was in a car accident that almost killed me. I had to have three titanium plates put in my head. I have always wondered if it was the titanium. But I read a few years ago that this is an autoimmune disease that is caused from trauma. So in other words, your body being put through trauma can cause you to get an auto immune disease. After I read that it all made a little sense. So, maybe you guys in the military are having this because you have experienced traumatic events, stress, etc?
    I’m not sure, but this is the closest thing that Ive read that explained how it could have happened. I have learned to live with this. I had to just accept it, and try my best to keep it at bay. If anyone ever comes up with a permanent fix, let me know. Also, thanks Marcia for your story. I was really wanting to know if I became pregnant if it would cause me problems because of all the pressure. I guess that was God looking out for you.

  8. I don’t know if this will help. I have had this on and off for fifteen years. The longest was five years. Alas it looks like I have it back again? I can hardly walk at present. I was in the military for sixteen years. However, I did not develop Pressure Urticaria while in the forces. I work in a very high pressure job and I am quite active. I slipped in a car park in January and twisted both ankles out of alignment. I have been seeing the Chiropractor for several weeks but I appear to be suffering from delayed pressure urticaria again. I have started to take my old tablets again. These were prescribed to me by a specialist in 1995. 1x antihistamine 2x Cimetidine 200mg together a day they worked in the past. I tend to agree with Wendy, trauma and stress
    tend to trigger it off, and also if I eat or drink too many wheat type products.

  9. I have had this problem for four months now and up until then I was completely fit and healthy with no medical problems whatsoever. At first my doctor offered me no explanation to my problem and they seemed lost for options so I self diagnosed myself using the internet and returned to my general practitioner where they confirmed that I did indeed have delayed pressured urticaria. This has been a life changing condition for me as I was a highly successful competitive power lifter who was ranked top five strongest men in the world for my weight category, but now I have this condition I cannot exert the pressure from weightlifting on my body. After twelve years of training it has ruined a part of me inside. I wish there was a real cure for this debilitating disease. Can anybody help me control this condition?

  10. I have had these symptoms the you all describe for the last two years, and I am frustrated. It started on my feet and then my hands. I can’t walk some days and forget exercising which is something I enjoy doing. I can’t sleep at night, and I drink just to knock me out for a couple of hours. My job consists of lots of lifting and standing so of course this makes my hands itch more and my feet swell. I can’t recall in the the last year that I have worked a full forty hour work week because of the hives. Thank God for FMLA or I am sure I would have been fired by now. I have bad allergies and asthma. I have been to three doctors including a VA doctor; I am a veteran and served six years in the Army. I was overseas for two years. No one has an answer. I’m trying to not give up; I don’t know what else to do. I am getting so depressed. I am also seeing a behavioral therapist. Can anyone help?

  11. I’m noticing a trend here. I was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq from Sept. 2006 until Sept. 2007. I went on in May 2007 and was carrying a heavy backpack for several hours. When I arrived at my destination I had two welts on my shoulders where the straps were. I didn’t have any further symptoms until we were leaving Iraq. After loading trucks my hands swelled several hours later and I had a low-grade fever each evening for about three days while in Kuwait. When we arrived back in Fort Dix, I had hives, welts, and a low-grade fever. It passed during our week there but it all returned the day after I returned home. I went to the VA Hospital and was tested for everything under the sun. I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria by the allergist there. The one thing he couldn’t figure out was why I would have fevers along with the episodes. After having the mother-of-all attacks this morning I did more research online and found the description for delayed-pressure urticaria and this blog. All of the symptoms fit perfectly to what I am experiencing, unlike the chronic idiopathic urticaria diagnosis. I have also been unresponsive to the antihistamine treatment that has been given to me for this diagnosis. I suspect the onset of my condition is related to exposure to some form of toxins while deployed in Baghdad. I was in Victory Base Complex and we had an area that was referred to as “Camp Trash Can” where they burned refuse. I don’t think they controlled what was burned there. It is hard to say what I might have been exposed to in that environment. The fact that I see several soldiers complaining of the same ailment after deployment is very disconcerting. I have another appointment at the VA this Thursday and I will bring my research findings to the attention of the Dr. there. If anyone else that is former Military and served in Iraq or Afghanistan is experiencing this same problem, please post!

    • I’m here to find out if there is some kind of cure for this problem. My 19 yr. old son has developed this problem and we have been trying to deal with it for the past year. I am also a Iraqi veteran and now I am worried that maybe I brought some thing back that may have caused him to get this disease. Thanks for all the helpful information.

      • Hi Wendall, I’ve had it on and off for over twenty years. The whole time it was gone I was on allergy shots. I went off and a year or so later got it again. Now I am almost at maintenance and it’s getting better. I would absolutely try the shots. Docs will tell you allergy shots do not work for urticaria, but they also don’t have anything else to offer. I have another post above that you may want to look at. I was never in any type of war zone, unless you count Katrina but the first time years ago when I got this I had never been in any type of toxic environment except for a toxic relationship, thanks Lynn.

    • Hello, I am also former military and was deployed to Iraq, in the Dora district in 2005 thru 2006. I also had a series of the anthrax, small pox, and who knows what else they gave us prior to deployment. I was at Camp Falcon, but hit just about every other base in the area. I have to say that I did not know why my feet and hands would swell, not to mention the itchiness of my skin. I was told it was too much salt or could be high cholesterol in my body from one of the doctors, and after blood tests everything was negative. I have been seen in the VA in Long Beach but all I get is “there is nothing wrong”. I was exposed to burning of trash, oil refinery toxins, and who knows what else. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this and with each other I know we can bring awareness and even file a claim. I will make a visit to the VA once again and see if I can get some answers with the information you guys have provided here.

  12. My pressure hives started fifteen years ago when I was pregnant, and I didn’t know where to turn. I visited a general practitioner a good number of times and was told it was infected eczema. After ten years of absolute trauma I decided to look it up on the net and self diagnosed my problem. I visited the general practitioner again and showed him my findings and was prescribed 180mg Fexofenadine. This has helped calm the itching down from time to time but still comes back with a vengeance from time to time. I work as a hairdresser and spend a lot of time on my feet when my hives allow me and really need to see the back of this. I have had it now for fifteen years and would try anything to sort it out.

  13. I have had this for about 6 years now but it has recently become an everyday occurrence. I have now been referred to a major medical center as I am beginning to have my throat swell shut. If I am not on Prednisone I cannot breathe. I have found that hormone levels effect my ‘outbreaks.’ I have recently found out that I have a brain tumor in my pituitary gland which regulates hormones in the body. So the thought is, remove the tumor, symptoms will improve. I feel for everyone who deals with this as it is very painful! Good luck to all of you!

  14. I also developed the same symptoms about four years ago. It started mild but irritating. It woke me up and I used to run to the bathroom to put my feet, namely my toes under cold water. I treated myself with “Claritine” an anti-histamine since we do have allergies history in the family. I didn’t know what to tell the doctor. It starting getting worse, like I say walking on painful tennis balls. I get it also if I sit on hard surfaces, stand for a long time a couple of times I got those swelling on my knees. I had many of the same problems as in this forum and others. Currently as I’m writing I have one between my fingers since yesterday and it wouldn’t go away.
    A year and a half ago I was taking my daughter to the dermatologist and I explained my symptoms and she diagnosed as DPU. She was surprised and said it was very irritating and there was no cure yet but she prescribed TRIACTIN or CYPROHEPTADINE HCI. It did work very well and kept the attacks away, but unfortunately I gained a lot of weight taking this drug so I stopped it and the pharmacist advised ZYRTEC which helps. But I have daily attacks and take Zyrtec daily which calms it but I’m living with it. The doctor also advised not to wear flip flops or the like to avoid straps and strings. And told me to put the affected area under cold water. Also I realized since I live in Egypt and it gets really hot here, the heat worsens the case and my feet swell and redden and then those tennis balls start developing. I thought I’d find a cure when I travel abroad. But it seems hopeless. Good luck, but it is disabling at times.

  15. Can anyone suggest a good anti histamine that will work for DPU and does not encourage eating or cause drowsiness. And please state the country so I can find it, thanks.

  16. So glad I found this site. My Husband also served in Iraq and is dealing with everything you all have described above. What is causing it? I believe it was the ajuvtive (sp) that was put in the anthrax shots prior to deploying overseas. It causes many autoimmune diseases. To all you veterans please check on Anthrax with Squalene. Do your research and let me know what you think. Not only these symptoms, he also has “blow outs” where his joints become inflamed, to anyone one else, it looks as though his ankle is broken, it gets that swollen. But the next day, it is normal.

  17. I’ve had DPU for the past two years. my allergist has prescribed xyzal , and Singulair during the day and two pills of Zyrtec at night. It does not stop the hives, but it reduces the itching and burning. If I miss one day of taking my medications, the itching is so bad and painful. I was told the cause is unknown and there is no known cure. For some people, it can take two years to get over it but for others it can take even decades.
    With the help of these drugs, I can continue with my activities. The medications have also helped control my severe hay fever symptoms. I am only worried about what side affects these medications might cause taking them for years.

  18. I was twenty-eight when I started with urticaria and angioedema. I am now 50. The first few years I had it so bad I was on disability. Anything from sitting on a hard surface to going through file folders would make me swell. Even without pressure I could wake up and my eyes or lips could be swollen, often looking very freakish. It was difficult being at work and meeting with clients who sometimes thought I had been beat up, lovely.

    After several years it went away. It kind of was always lurking in the background but much much better. Then a few couple of years ago it started again. I have to say the delayed pressure aspect is the worst. My feet have even swollen from a label being on the inside sole of the shoe. I have been to every type of doctor. Alternative, integrative, traditional, even the Mayo Clinic after I walked into my primary care doctor’s office requesting a cortisone shot because I had hives from head to to. She even did biopsies. The Mayo Clinic treats very traditionally. They just kept adding antihistamines to the point where I couldn’t function.

    I only have one kidney after having cancer in 2006, and I am guarded about taking too many drugs. During the first years a doctor started me on 80mg of Prednisone a day. I got Cushings Syndrome from it including what they call a “moon face”, and I gained a ton of weight. My face was so different that when I went home for a visit my best friend did not recognize me. She told me this years later.

    I have to say I think there is an emotional aspect that could bring this on. In the early years I was in a difficult marriage which has since ended. This time after hurricane Katrina. But I truly believe there is just something that hasn’t been discovered yet. There are histamine blockers, and in the last few years leukotriene blockers, none of which work for me. Maybe there is something else not discovered.

    Unfortunately there’s not much research on it because it’s quite rare. In the U.S. Big Pharm won’t be sponsoring research for such a small group of us. I’ve tried and tried to make sense of this. I did realize that during some of the years that it had gone away I had been on allergy shots. I stopped them when I moved. With allergies as most of you know, your cup cannot over flow. Your body can handle a certain amount of allergens THEN it reacts. So after trying everything from hormones, many drugs including every type of antihistamine, leukotrienes, anti gout, etc etc. food diets, homeopathic, acupuncture, just about everything, I’ve decided to start shots again which means having allergy tests for the fourth time in my life and it’s quite miserable with my entire back getting swollen and going back on shots.

    I am allergic to so many things they usually divide it into three shots and within 6-12 hours my arms are itchy and swollen. So they usually ignore local reactions for me. In the US they do the scratch tests because there’s better reimbursement. Other blood tests can be just as effective, but they also do “shots’ instead of sublinguals here, lucky me.

    One amazing thing it that if i kneel everyday or do something, on a regular basis, it seems to get used to it and doesn’t swell. It’s the weirdest thing. Maybe we should all get massages on a regular basis. When I occasionally get them the lady tells me it’s just like rubbing oil on me. She doesn’t have to work hard because of me being so sensitive to touch.There is definitely a fibromyalgia type aspect of this for me. For the ladies out there I’m sure you know sex can be very difficult, as can holding a child in your arms. My arms cramp up.

    Right now I’m up and on the internet because I started exercising at a gym yesterday and every place my body touched the machines has itchy hives. I’m hoping to get used to it. One more thing, I have found that Tylenol or a pain reliever can actually help stop some of the itching sometimes. Nothing seems to be consistent with this condition, except that explaining it to friends and colleagues seems impossible. They think you’re nuts. My husband understands it but that doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes he’s afraid to touch me fearing he’ll cause a welt. Hairdressers really don’t understand what I mean when I tell them putting my head against the wash bowl will make the entire back of my head or neck swell. Ahhh life with urticaria and angioedema. Thanks for listening.

  19. Iraq War Vet. Same exact issue. Onset was about five years after vaccines and initial deployment.

  20. I have suffered from DPU for over five years. I have not had any vaccinations of any kind in the last twenty-six years. I am using Zyrtec and this helps. I go to the gym everyday and have found that releasing adrenaline reduces or completely eradicates the welts. I have also found that drinking alcohol, even just a couple aggravates the situation immensely. Has anyone else found similar connections? This condition doesn’t seem to have any set rules to it from person to person.

  21. Naguib, most research on DPU comes from Italy, Turkey, etc. very little in the U.S where I am. Here it is not common enough for pharmaceutical companies to invest their dollars. Right now I’m trying Xyzal, Claritin, Zantac, and Singulair which all probably go by different names in your country. I just started this regime, and it is not working yet. I have lumps on my foot right now. They are very painful to walk on. See my post from November 14th about allergy shots. Good luck and take care, Lynn

  22. Wow, I am also ex-military and have been experiencing this for over two years now. I had no idea what was wrong. It also progressed to the point of anaphalaxis a couple weeks ago. I just started a histamine releasing restricted diet. Found that propylene glycol was a HUGE part of this. It is in everything, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste, hairspray, makeup, foods. Since I own a cleaning service, I was basically marinating in this chemical all day. Since changing to Burt’s Bee’s and chemical free products, the scalp itching and skin rashes have gone away. Now the welts and hives seem to be decreasing. I am still scared, if I am not taking steroids, they are much worse. I am trying to calm my immune system and detoxify. I never realized how many chemicals we unknowingly put into our bodies. Thank you so much for this forum. I felt so alone. I once again feel sick at the thought that the anthrax vaccination is once again coming back to haunt me though. I went through ten years of inflammation issues in my 20’s that was also blamed on it. I will update this post to let you know if my very bland, boring diet and change of lifestyle has helped.

  23. I have had chronic pressure hives for eleven years now. I went to India on a missions trip and came back with malaria and hives. During my two pregnancies, the hives completely went away but otherwise I have had them every day.

    • Julia, so sorry to hear about your condition. You might try soaking in a bath with this unique water purification product. It is worth a try. Watch MMS documentary. We have heard testimonials of people receiving great relief from many skin problems. Also, it is very affordable.

  24. Wow! So I finally figured out I’m not crazy! I have all of these exact symptoms and have had them for about 5-6 years. I am not a member of the military nor have I ever been, but have been trying for years now to figure out what is wrong with me. I am a 41 year old female, so I would say I was approximately 35-36 when these symptoms first appeared. Mine started in the feet, what I thought was my shoes doing it, wherever the shoe rubs or fits tightly will swell up and becoming burning hot, itchy and severely inflamed. Mostly the sides of my heels, ball of foot, arches, but I have had some joints in my toes swell up also. The more I would research this the more I would come up with Gout and Lupus, but this just didn’t add up for me. Then I began noticing the joints in my fingers would at times swell up and become inflamed, also carrying shopping bags, pushing a stroller, vibration from a lawnmower, or electric trimmers for bushes would swell up the palms of my hands and they would also itch and burn terribly. This is not a daily occurrence for me, but more of a monthly one. I have narrowed it down I think to my pre-menstrual time seems to be when I’m the most sensitive. Some months definitely being worse on me than others, some triggers I have noticed are heat and I am now reading that alcohol is a trigger. There have been flare ups when I could barely walk for 2-3 days at a time, or have had trouble sleeping due to the hot, itching, throbbing tissues in my feet. With passing time, I am now noticing some new symptoms I did not have before, my face and tongue have been swelling, if I suck on a piece of candy too hard, that side of my tongue will swell up and be sore for a day or two. I have also read and have to concur private parts can be affected. I thought it was just me, but I have also noticed I cannot wear tampons for an extended length of time, due to swelling. I have not been to a doctor from the sheer fear of being a guinea pig, and as I’m reading these posts, seems like there’s not a whole lot a doctor can do for me. I would appreciate any suggestions for treatment, or ideas as to what I can do to help with these breakouts. I’m so glad I have finally found an answer to what this is though, and reading others posts have helped me tremendously. Thanks!

    • Sue, how are you doing? I agree it’s nice to have blogs with others in our situation. In the 80s-90s when I had this it wasn’t around. Hope you are managing, take care.

  25. I am getting ready to do “delayed food allergy testing” with subsequent restrictions. I will keep y’all informed if this helps. Has anyone else done the blood tests? Thanks. Also FYI there’s a facebook group “Urticaria Friends.”

  26. The cause of DPU is food additives. If you want to get rid of DPU, you have to stop eating anything prepared and out of a package. Even the organic packaged foods. I have had DPU for a few years, and if I eat like a caveman then it goes away. Fruits, vegetables, meat. It’s not a coincidence that anyone that fasts goes into remission. That whole thing about it being autoimmune is complete BS. DPU sucks, and the cure is a food lifestyle change. If you want to be cured, you can’t eat anything that doesn’t exist in the natural world of food. Even bread, without soy lecithin and half and half, and no di-sodium phosphate. It’s that simple. Don’t believe me? Try not eating for one weekend, and see if you have DPU. It seems that phosphates might be the cause, which would make sense because most food additives have phosphate salts. Phosphate salts do not exist in anything you would eat in the natural world.

    • Hi Eric just an FYI, not necessarily from food additives, although cutting out such things can’t hurt. I had this for around seven years and when it went away I was not avoiding additives. I ate anything I wanted.

  27. Well I never did the delayed allergy testing. My traditional allergist wouldn’t give the order. However I have to say the DPU is better. It is not gone but much better with shorter lasting times and much less inflammation. The only thing I can attribute this to is the allergy shots. I’m almost to the maintenance level. It hasn’t been fun as my entire upper arm sometimes swells from the shot. I don’t think it’s the strength of the serum as much as it is the amount. When I’m at .5 ccs I swell a lot more than when I’m at the lesser amounts even if the it’s from the next vial, which is stronger. As I’ve said in previous posts, allergy shots do not directly help urticaria and Angioedema; but this is the second time that taking shots have helped.

  28. OK, well I have just started with these dang hives almost two months of four time dosage of Zrytec and twice the daily amount of Pepcid barely keeps the hives at bay. They move around back of my ears, scalp, legs, arms, lip,s eyelids, you name it. I’m going to do a body detox and eat natural and see if it helps. I just shot a nice deer so I have plenty of additive free food in the freezer, wish me luck.

  29. I have had almost all of your exact symptoms for years and after several doctor visits I was diagnosed with pressure induced urticaria. You live an learn what not to do and what they told me to take was Claritan in the morning and Zantac mid day and Zyrtec at night. I am not one to take a lot of medications but if my flare ups are bad I will take them all. I do take a Claritan everyday. I bought a pair of open toed Croc slip on shoes and they have helped my feet tremendously. High heels fitted clothing and stress or even PMS or just a long day for sure triggers my symptoms. Hopefully someday someone will find a cure. It is comforting in some way to know there are others out there who know what we are going through, so I don’t feel I’m the only one. It for sure wears on my emotions.

  30. I just realized that I got it first in my foot after digging around a lot of rat nests. I wonder if it has a link to rat germs.

  31. A few months after the birth of my first child, I started getting painful, itchy welts. After a few months, I started to realize I’d get them on my forearm or hands from carrying the infant carrier. I’d get them on my shoulder from my purse, or the diaper bag.  My feet would get them so badly, I limped most of the time.  I only gained 20 lbs with my pregnancy, and lost it all in just a couple of weeks. I’ve always been active & remained so during pregnancy. Short walks began making my feet swell, and become incredibly painful. I went to an event for work that required standing on my feet for a couple of hours.  By that night, it felt like I was standing barefoot on rocks. My feet hurt, and itched for days.  Traditionally a back-sleeper, my back, buttocks & heels would be swollen, red & itchy when I woke up.  I went in for a massage because it was starting to stress me out, and even though it was a light-pressure massage–a few hours later, I had the large itchy, swollen “welts” all over me.  I began to think that I had some nerve or muscle damage. Finally, I went to the doctor one day after my entire stomach/side was one large welt from where I carried my daughter for a few minutes (her body against mine caused this!).  My primary care doctor is an OD, which I’m partial to.  She ordered some tests, and also put in a referral for an excellent allergist in the area, as she said it looked like a type of hives. A couple of weeks later, I saw the allergist. I happen to have a couple of the “outbreaks” at the time, and he was able to see. He asked some questions about what happens leading up to them.  He had me hold something over my forearm for a minute and marked the area with a sharpie. He asked me to come back at the end of the day.  A few hours later, of course the area was red, swollen, itchy and painful. He immediately told me I had delayed pressure urticaria.  Of course, I had never heard of this.  He explained it, and told me that it’s possible being pregnant threw off my system, and I now released way too much histamine.  I used to be an avid mountain biker, walked daily, and spent a lot of time on my kayak. Biking is unbearable now–well, a few hours afterward, anyway. I’ve tried many different saddles, and hand grips. I’ve tried gel-padded cycling gloves, and shorts. At this point, I can’t bear the pain/discomfort after a good ride. Kayaking leaves my hands completely swollen, red & itchy. I can’t even bend my fingers hours afterward.  I’ve purchased far too many walking, and running shoes, as well as insoles and special socks. Walking any amount of time results in me limping, and in a lot of pain hours later.  I’ve gained weight, and now weigh more than I did pregnant, even though I eat healthy.  Obviously, this affects my marriage, since all the things my husband and I used to love doing together, and even with our daughter have been pushed aside until I can get a handle on the problem.  I may have to take up swimming, to see if I can do that without getting the hives.  My husband and I have talked about having an other child, but I’m really afraid of pregnancy and DPU. Some things I’ve read said the women were suddenly symptom free.  I think the trauma I endured in my “natural” childbirth could be what caused this to begin with.  Obviously, it’s a decision I’d have to make with my OB, but my allergist seems to think a c-section would be the safest way to go for me this time around.  I’d love to hear from more women that have gone through a pregnancy with DPU, or if you know of an informative website on it. 

  32. Hello I have suffered from DPU now for around 14 years plus. I was told by my specialist that it could die out maybe after 10 years but unfortunately this did not happen to me. My feet and hands are the worst affected and during the summer time my condition is exasperated and I can barely walk. Thankfully
    I live in England which doesn’t have much of a summer. I still have the symptons during other times. During summer I usually sit down and put my feet in a big bowl of cold water. The water gets hot in no time though. I am currently taking 3x 180mg Fexafenadine. Two in the morning and one at night. It has only calmed down my hives but they do seem to have a pattern where the go away for a short while and then they come back with a vengence.
    There are many types of urticaria and delayed pressure urticaria is mainly related to pressure. My mother has a food related urticaria and my twin sister has recently developed urticaria but it has not been diagnosed as DPU. I am registered disabled because apart from this condition I also suffer with my back. I cannot function without a car now to get around. I can notwalk very far now without pain or discomfort.
    The strangest thing was that I kept wondering why I was developing lumps under my feet without having walked anywhere. It then dawned on me that the pressure from the car pedals was affecting me also. I just take life easy and am unable to work despite doing voluntary work twice a week in an office. I have resigned myself to the fact that this is my life now and every outing is planned with military precision. I have been offered steroid tablets but I have been afraid to take them because of the side effects related to them. I have been amazed to see that so many sufferers have been on active duty in war zones. I have not myself but I’m sure it does not fit in with DPU as it is not actually an allergen related condition. There are many types of Urticaria. Has anyone taken prednisolone for this condition and how did they get along with it please?

  33. after taking numerous antihistimines daily i switched to zyrtec once a day,a quarter headof cabbage and quercetin 500 miligrams saw instant relief within one week

  34. I am a 50 year old female and have had this issue for approximately 4 years. Started on my feet and now get the hives everywhere except face (which is good). I can feel them coming on as it feels like something crawling under your skin. does anyone else have this sensation? Yesterday I received a Kenolog shot and since then I have not had any hives.

  35. I can relate to everyone on this page. My DPU seemed to start in my mid-twenties at a time when there was a lot of stress in my life and I became ill. I get swollen welts on my skin from any form of pressure – clothing, tools, sitting on hard surfaces, even eating an apple will cause my chin to swell! But, worst of all are my feet. The itching is unbearable, then follows the burning, pain and swelling which renders me immobile for a day or two each time. Sometimes the swelling gets so extreme that it causes trapped nerve pain shooting up my calves and keeps me awake at night. When the swelling eventually fades, my skin peels away. It really is awful at times and, yes, I also get that ‘crawling ant’ feeling on my soles as a warning that the golf ball swellings are about to appear. I notice the condition is aggravated by hormones and heat. I did visit a specialist who diagnosed the condition and also discovered I had near zero vitamin D in my blood. He prescribed a high-dose to get levels back up and this did help. I maintain my Vitamin D and I also take Certirizine and Ranitidine daily but these only lessen symptoms slightly for me. There have only been 3 times of complete remission in the15 years since the DPU started: when I was pregnant, when I took steroids as a temporary fix for an important trip and when I embarked on a healthy eating (and gentle exercise) plan leading to a 4 stone weight loss. Unfortunately, as soon as the bad eating habits returned so did the symptoms. I am now back on the simplistic ‘cave man’ diet as I can’t bear it any more. I don’t know if this helps anyone, but for me a combination of vitamin D supplement, simple natural food and getting myself to a healthy weight made a world of difference – less ingested chemicals and less weight carried around on my feet I guess. (p.s. I live in England where Summer days are few and far between, so Vitamin D doesn’t come easily here!)

  36. After suffering with DPU for 20 years, I was diagnosed with H Pylori. After taking the meds and testing H Pylori free, I am DPU FREE for almost a year now. I cannot begin to tell you how much better my life is!

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