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Using Daily Positive Thoughts & Quotes: Part of How Holistic Healing Works

“Thank you, for my life.” I say these words as I touch the ground, each and every day, as I leave the house to go on my early morning hike.

I started this ritual many years ago, when times were tough, and I felt anything but thankful for my life. I wanted to feel thankful. I wanted to believe there was something or someone out there who would hear my words. I didn’t believe, but I kept up my little ritual, with the intent of believing one day.

Fake It Until You Make It

Positive Thoughts Each DayI used to have serious problems with depression. I had spent years picking on myself. It took some time to train my brain to see things in a more positive light. But gradually, in starts and spurts, it happened. I suppose you could say I faked love of my self, until it became real.

The mind is a powerful tool. I believe if we can convince our mind we are happy and healthy, our mind can help convince our body, down to a cellular level.

Holistic Healing

Western medicine focuses mainly on the physical body, but more and more physicians are realizing the value of how holistic healing works. The mind, the emotions, the body, and the soul, all are interconnected, and all work together. If you think negative thoughts, your body will reflect those thoughts.

Positive Quotes Each DayDon’t believe you are getting well? Fake it! Try giving thanks for your good health, each day. Say it out loud. Pretend you are an actor, and say it as though you really feel it.

Studies have shown that when you speak words out loud, your brain does a better job of remembering them.

Find some kind of action to put with the words; find a specific image or object to focus on, or even better, do both. The more parts of your brain you activate, the better the new “beliefs” will stick.

Use Visual Reminders to Check Your Thoughts

I’ve put up sticky notes, all over my house, that say “awareness.” Every time I see one, it reminds me to check my thoughts, and if needed, to replace them with daily positive thoughts and quotes.

“I am becoming more healthy each day.”

“Thank you for my life.”

You might feel a little silly trying this, but there is nothing to lose, and there are no nasty side effects.

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  1. So true…so true. Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Toria.

  2. It is really true. When we talk to ourselves–to our mind–it works wonders. Mind will work wonders. Thank you and good work. Please keep it up for the benefit of others.

  3. Reynaldo C. A.

    Thoughts and words are forms of energy or vibrations we project into space. With consistency, emotional intensity, and visualization which are also forms of vibrations, the frequency of thought vibration can condense to become solid matter which is also a vibration in itself with a very very low frequency.

  4. It is odd that I reached this page while looking for health help for my dog. Just recently I told my psychiatrist that I had hid my depression for years by pretending to be okay. Well the treatment I am doing now is not really completely working so I asked if I should once again pretend I am normal. It does not always work. When it does it’s great when it doesn’t it is like my own little hell. I hope to read more at this website, thanks.

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