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How to Afford Fertility Treatments

In an ideal world, trying for a baby would lead to pregnancy within a very short space of time. Sadly for many women, life just doesn’t work out like that. Infertility can affect any woman, but it is more likely to be an issue with older women. Couples may have …

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Should pregnant women take antidepressant or not?

A new research suggests that babies born from moms who used antidepressant during their pregnancy have higher chances of being born with health problems or before the predicted time. Controversially the research also suggests that women who are already into antidepressant should rather use them even when pregnant because the …

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How much is a pregnancy going to cost you today?

Most women, when thinking of having a baby just want to feel that joy of procreating this little creature that they are going to hold in their hands and take care of with love. They don’t usually think of the financial obligations that go with it. But sooner or later …

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How to handle embarrassing pregnancy symptoms

It is always a beautiful thing to bear a child in your womb. But as you know your body will also experience some changes during the 9 months of pregnancy. You already know your belly will expand. You might also throw up from time to time. The other truth is …

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