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How Tech Can Nudge You To Be Less Sedentary

While it’s obvious that preventative medicine is far better than managing a health crisis, only a small percentage of the population appears to make the effort to do much about following a wellness routine. This resistance to taking better care of their health is not always due to indifference. It’s …

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Life-Saving Technological Advancements in Medical Care


Healthcare technology has come a long way in modern times. And, the benefits of increased technology offers more life-saving opportunities for patients. Today, doctors can continuously monitor their patients, including monitoring previously unknown areas of health, such as brain waves and the oxygen concentration in blood. It’s an amazing time …

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Improving Medical Care in Remote Areas

Technology has improved medical care in so many ways that it would be outright impossible for any medical institution to function at this point in time without those facilities. Unfortunately, a large portion of this available technology isn’t accessible in most rural and remote locations. While it will take a …

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How To Eat Healthily On Holiday

Holidays are full of temptation. If you’ve worked hard all year long to get your summer body ready, don’t let a week away undo all your hard work. It can be easy to stick to a healthy routine on holiday, and make it enjoyable, if you know how. Before you …

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