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Three steps to fighting drug addiction

It’s the topic of every news station around the nation. Misuse of prescription and illegal drugs are on the rise and no one is exempt from the bodily harm that these drugs bring on.Substances such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and painkillers such as ketamine are becoming common in the lives …

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Elder Caregivers Tips: How to Make Caregiving Less Stressful

As the population continues to age, at an unprecedented rate according to the United Nations, the need for caregivers grows, as well, especially within the family. It’s a selfless job that comes with emotional and physical strain. Today, family members are taking on the role of informal caregivers to keep elderly …

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Will artificial sweeteners damage your gut?

Holistic Nutrition

Artificial sweeteners have become a normal, mostly as part of weight management and those trying to lose some weight. There sweeteners, or synthetic sugar substitutes, are also added to processed foods and drinks to sweeten their taste. This sweetness comes without calories being added. However, although dieters might like the …

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