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5 Reasons so many people take HGH

Have you seen cases where men in their 50’s look way more hot than the average young man around them in their 20’s? Well, if you look beyond pointed chins and spade-like hands (which only occurs in some cases), you may see people who look young and incredibly rejuvenated at …

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How Drug Addiction Affects the Body

There are many negative effects that come part and parcel with a drug addiction, as well as the mental ones too. Drug addictions can lead to a whole host of health issues that can have long lasting effects on the body, long after the addict has recovered. Any kind of …

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Risks of Drinking Alcohol as a Teenager

Everyone is doing it. You will look so cool. What could happen? I am responsible. I know what I am doing. These are the things we tell ourselves as teenagers. We can handle underage drinking. We are adults. In 2011, 189,00 individuals under the age of 21 were admitted to …

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Elevations Health Center Treats Men and Women

Elevations Health Center Treats Men and Women Addiction is quite a challenge: Yet, if you have drug or alcohol issues, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. You didn’t take your first drink with the idea of becoming an alcoholic. Many addicts feel too ashamed or embarrassed to seek help for their disease. If …

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Effient (prasugrel)

Detailed View: Safety Labeling Changes Approved By FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) July 2016 USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS PLLR Conversion: Pregnancy Risk Summary There are no data with Effient use…

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