The Spiritual Significance of Electrical Malfunctions, Car Problems, Electrical Devices

What is the significance of electrical malfunctions, car problems and issues with electrical devices? Well:aAnother symptom of acceleration that I’ve been experiencing and hearing about from those in my circle involves electrical devices doing weird stuff. For instance, stereos than won’t turn off (even when unplugged), vacuum cleaners that mysteriously turn on, lights coming back on after being turned off, etc. I’ve had the power go off twice, just as I began healing sessions. I’ve had the answering machine come on while I was Spirit Playing on the piano, but the phone never rang.

One time, I just looked at our cable dial and the numbers started moving. Another time, I glanced at the answering machine and it shut off, then came back on. I had a great deal of computer weirdness when I first began typing this information. The screen would freeze, over and over. Though I’ve had this happen before, during the eight-year period when I was employed in the secretarial work place, I have never had it happen so often as it did during 1996. Ctrl+Alt+Del did not work. Nothing worked,
except turning the machine off and losing whatever I was working on. I came to understand that the screen freezes were energy-related. The energy associated with the information coming in was sometimes so strong that I felt as though my hands were burning.When I take the Moon Lodge Visions to the copy place, it is not unusual for every copier to lock up within 15 minutes. I’ve been in there when four copiers went out at the same time. I know it is because of the energy associated with the information. Then, other times, I noticed that the computer freeze would occur when I had been in a negative place, or an ego place, with regard to the information – looking at something from a negative perspective or trying to insert my own opinion about something when it wasn’t timely, or relevant. By noticing what I was working on when
the screen froze, I began to know how to interpret the message. If the energy was too intense, I’d take a walk and allow myself (my physical vehicle) to rest. If I realized I was negative, or writing from my ego, I didn’t mind as much that the information was lost and that I had to begin again.I understood that God forced the deletion of information that was not up to par. It’s an amazing
thing, these electrical mishaps. They are very specific medicine, if we learn to stop and notice what we were doing, thinking, saying, etc. right before they occur. Phones have been really weird, too, disconnecting in the middle of a call or ringing in ways I’ve never heard phones ring. I notice what my state of mind is when the phone disconnects – was I about to say something inappropriate? Was I coming from a place of love? Was there re resistance to the topic of conversation, by the other person, and was I pushing to make a point?

Spirit can transmit information many ways – through the tones of a song on the radio, through the phone lines, through the vacuum cleaner, etc. (There are those who believe the government is sending some not-so-good vibrations through the same phone, television, and radio lines. I believe that intent establishes the frequency you receive. I fear not, in this regard, as I know my intent is pure and, as long as I keep my heart open and thoughts positive, I can only receive good from the Spirit airways. More on this later.)

As we increase our connectedness, empathy, and telepathic abilities, I expect more and more of these “electronic malfunctions” to occur. They are some kind of energy adjustment or transmission. We are entering new, very powerful levels of energy potential and must learn to manage them within our physical environment.

During the summer of 1996, for example, there was a power outage of unprecedented size and unexplained origin. Parts of seventeen different states were without electrical power for ninety minutes. To my knowledge, the reason for such a massive electrical power failure was never discovered. I know that it was associated with incoming energies. I know Spirit was at work there. These instances of electrical short-circuits, breaks in circuit and surges are associated with our swiftly changing vibrational fields and the incoming frequencies of energy. Since everything vibrates, it makes sense to me that advanced life forms, such as humans, would not be the only thing affected. In fact, there is nothing that will be unaffected by the acceleration of the human race. The future will reveal the effects to us, but rest assured that everything on this planet is being, or will be, altered in some way.

We can learn a lot about these experience if we stop to ask ourselves what was going on with us when the electrical mishap occurred. For example, if my computer freezes up I take time to reflect on what I was about to type. Was I clear in my communication? Am I sharing something before it is time, or from an ego place? Do I need to take a break? Is Spirit attempting to guide my hands on the keyboard and I am too fixated on my own choice of words to allow Spirit intervention?

If the tape player stays on after you turn it off, maybe there is a message in the words of the song or a sound transmission is in progress. If the radio plays with no batteries, perhaps Spirit is telling you that you have hidden  resources? Were you feeling alone and unequal to your spiritual task at the time? If the vacuum cleaner starts up by itself, was there a messy train of thought going on? Did your mind need to be cleaned out?

Car troubles lately? Small appliances are not the only machines acting a little bizarre lately. Cars are doing some pretty weird stuff too. As the acceleration energies increase, we may experience more and more difficulties with physical modes of transportation. As the physical body is a clear representation of spiritual conditions, so is your automotive vehicle.

It is important to pay attention to malfunctions with your automobile, as you continue the acceleration process. What happens, when it happens, and where it happens may all be significant factors, with regard to accidents and mechanical failure. For example, if the back tire blows out on the right side of the car, ask yourself if you’ve been storing some resentment, anger or frustration on the male (right) side – something you felt you should act on but didn’t, or something to which you acted in an inappropriately aggressive manner.

If the radiator hose blows up, were you about to “blow up” too – what were you fuming about, or allowing to cause you mental distress? What was your mind condition at the time? If the battery keeps going dead, maybe it’s time you recharged. If the starter stops working, ask yourself what you are putting off. What is it that you lack motivation to begin? Where is it you really don’t want to go, though you know you should? Is there some fear operating, that need s to be dealt with so you can continue with confidence? If the brakes go out (I know someone who has had this happen five times
in one month!), is it time to stop for a while? Have you been going so fast that you haven’t given yourself time for rest and renewal, or are you missing a new direction that Spirit is opening for you? Of course, each situation will be very specific to you and whoever might be traveling with you.

The above examples are only meant to open a line of questioning and not intended to serve as the only explanation for any challenge I’ve talked about here. The important thing is to be aware that there is a connection between what goes on with you and your car, just as there is a connection between the manifestation of physical illness and your state of spiritual balance. Learn to ask questions and find your own personal lessons within these automotive adjustments.

Whenever choosing to drive or ride in a vehicle, attempt to be in balance on mental and emotional levels, alert on the physical level, and open to incoming energies on the spiritual level. Realize that the vibration of the driver gets transmitted, as if broadcast. If someone drives in an angry or agitated state, that energy gets transferred – actually conducted – to the automobile itself. For example, our car almost refuses to run whenever I am trying to leave in a rushed, agitated, negative or conflicted state. It’s gotten almost comical, it’s happened so many times. When I am in balance, the car runs perfectly.

Accidents can easily happen when people are upset or distracted, not only due to the lack of focus that accompanies driving when out of balance but also because the very vibration of imbalance generates an energy field around the car which actually attracts similar energy and will pull two vehicles together in a forceful way, causing impact which generates a temporary release of tensions.

No accident is accidental. Spirit will use the energy of collision and orchestrate the coming
together of just the right vehicles, to create enormous opportunities for healing and release.

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook.