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Giana Scaramucci

Giana Scaramucci is an influential health writer for Healthynewage magazine

Medical debt: Tips on how to deal with it wisely

With the advancements in the technology and medicines, the life span of a human being has also increased. This has happened due to the amount of growth a human being has in the field of medicine. There is almost no disease which cannot be cured.   Though any disease can …

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How Tech Can Nudge You To Be Less Sedentary

While it’s obvious that preventative medicine is far better than managing a health crisis, only a small percentage of the population appears to make the effort to do much about following a wellness routine. This resistance to taking better care of their health is not always due to indifference. It’s …

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Life-Saving Technological Advancements in Medical Care


Healthcare technology has come a long way in modern times. And, the benefits of increased technology offers more life-saving opportunities for patients. Today, doctors can continuously monitor their patients, including monitoring previously unknown areas of health, such as brain waves and the oxygen concentration in blood. It’s an amazing time …

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I Never Expected These Troubles

Holistic nutrition

I’m about to turn 30 in the coming weeks which marks a milestone for me and my peers. I’m rather boring when you get to know me because I don’t care much for trends and pop culture. I keep busy with my work and spend my free time working on projects. …

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Staying Healthy the Simple Way

Mens health

Staying Healthy the Simple Way   Staying healthy this day and age is not easy. We are constantly bombarded with ads for the latest and greatest gimmick that is sure to give us a flat belly overnight. Health trends are in constant flux. Living a simple, healthy life seems complicated. …

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Train Your Brain: How to Improve Your Focus

Most people would agree distractions and procrastination are their worst enemies. Why? Well, think about the dishes in the sink you meant to finish before going to bed last night. Think about a load of laundry in the dryer you never put away. How about the handful of toys still …

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