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Renier Koekemoer

Renier Koekemoer is a partner at Healthynewage.com and a regular interviewer of Medical professionals. To schedule an interview with him directly, contact him at rmx321@gmail.com

8 Foods to Avoid with IBS

Holistic Nutrition

The standard line most doctors and dietitians would give you is to eat a variety of different foods that are packed with nutritious value, but do it in moderation. However, this rule is thrown out with the baby water when you come to irritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short. …

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You Too Can Smile Again with Dentures


Teeth can be lost through an injury or poor dental health; either way, the loss of a tooth should be handled with urgency as your teeth may start to move, or your bite will change causing jaw problem. Another consequence from teeth loss could be having a sagging facial appearance, …

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