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Ailie Bauman

I am a mother to three little boys who have enriched and stretched my life more than I thought possible. I believe in healthy whole living where people take care of their personal, emotional, and spiritual health. This is important in your individual life and relationships. I am passionate about writing; a self-confessed chocoholic. I live life with passion, purpose, and love.

Postnatal Depression – how to get through it

Often, Postnatal Depression (PND) goes undetected because the symptoms are explained away as either part of life as a new parent or the “baby blues”.  Yet, PND, also known as Postpartum Depression, is a reality for many mothers. You don’t know when you will have it or if you will experience it. You …

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Paternal Post Natal Depression – Helping Dad

Today’s new fathers are a generation of men unlike any other: they are sensitive to their children’s needs and firm in their discipline. They are involved in their children’s life. They are more mature. They bring a balance to their children’s life that is essential to their growth and development. These …

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