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Fat, beautiful fat

Holistic Nutrition

There is a lot of talk about being on a low fat diet, even many diet experts arguing that a low fat diet is best. But there is another string of voices that are starting to gain momentum – those that are softly whispering that fat is glorious and wonderful. …

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Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care

The inspiration for writing Deeply Holistic came out of a wonderful stay I had in an authentic Ayurveda healing village near to Coimbature in South India two winters ago. Three weeks of special massage, herbal medicine, detoxification and rest and I looked and felt fifteen years younger. The doctors there …

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Healthy Aging: A Paradigm Shift to Prevention

My last article A Paradigm Shift to Personal Responsibility set up the premise that the healthcare system is technologically driven and derives its results through partnerships with the insurance industry, government, pharmaceutical industry, medical profession and the hospitals that deliver services to patients. Given the complexity of the system, patients have have to learn to navigate …

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How Does Stress Affect Health and Vitamins to Help

How Does Stress Affect Health? Vitamins and Stress by Dr. Leia Melead Question for Dr. Leia: How does stress affect health? I am finding that by the time I leave my job at the end of the day I am frazzled, and have no energy for my family by the …

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