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What is a stretchmark? What causes stretchmarks?

Eliminate Stretchmarks: Conditioning for Elastin and Collagen in the Skin What are Stretch Marks? Stretch marks, medically known as “striae gravidarum,” are caused by excessive stretching of the skin. Pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss and puberty, are the usual causes of stretch marks. Almost half of all expectant women …

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5 Products to Help You Have Better Posture

A good posture is instrumental to good health. A bad posture can impact your mental health, aggravate backaches, strain your neck, and create humps. Correcting your posture should be made into a habit to help you avoid chronic pains. To help you begin your road to an improved stance, some …

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5 Health Benefits of Percussive Therapy

No matter if we’re working a stressful or physically demanding job that requires us to work long hours, participate in an athletic activity on a large scale, or even just a casual jogger, we all need some time for recovery. Our muscles eventually get tired, tense, and worn down over …

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A Better Way to Naturally Relieve Pain

Woman Suffering From Pain

When it comes to relieving pain, especially any type of inflammation-related chronic pain, you want to choose natural alternatives whenever possible. Rather than forming a dependency on an unhealthy pain-relief remedy, instead choose products that you can use long-term, which will help your body heal and grow stronger rather than …

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Best Yoga Poses for Runners and Endurance Athletes

Yoga is an excellent way for you to improve your overall health; however, it can also provide specific benefits for runners and endurance athletes.  Countless people are trying to stay in shape. One of the best ways to keep in shape and lose weight is to run regularly. At the …

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What You Need To Know About Plantar Fasciitis

The common groups of people that are usually affected by the pain and discomfort of Plantar Fasciitis include runners, pregnant women, and individuals that spend many hours standing on hard surfaces such as concrete. Here are a few helpful tips that may assist with alleviating some of your discomforts when …

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