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Dr. Leia Addresses Women and Heart Health Care Issues

Dr. Leia Answers Questions on Women’s Heart Health Issues Question for Dr. Leia: My parents both had heart health issues. My father had surgery due to clogged arteries, and my mother had bi pass surgery. I would certainly like to know what precautions I should take since it seems that …

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Why Composite Fillings Are the Best Filling Material

There are several different types of filling materials to use when you have a cavity. However, none of them are better than composite, which is a tooth-colored material. This filling bonds naturally to your tooth, allowing it to stay in place longer than a metal filling. If you know you …

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4 CBD Health Benefits That Are Proven by Science

Natural supplements and remedies can provide many benefits typically associated with expensive, complex, and potentially dangerous prescriptions and medicines. Being able to rely upon natural, affordable alternatives where possible is not only a matter of wellbeing but also one of practicality. Ultimately, there are many organic or natural supplements on …

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