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Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Independently


It is a proven fact that most seniors would like to be able to live out their retirement days in the comfort of their own home. As with the aging process comes the decline of both physical and mental health, it is imperative for seniors and their families to diverge a …

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Elder Caregivers Tips: How to Make Caregiving Less Stressful

As the population continues to age, at an unprecedented rate according to the United Nations, the need for caregivers grows, as well, especially within the family. It’s a selfless job that comes with emotional and physical strain. Today, family members are taking on the role of informal caregivers to keep elderly …

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Self-Compassion is Medicine

Have you ever travelled with children or those needing assistance? Then you are quite familiar with the instructions flight attendants give to passengers: “put the mask on yourself first before helping others” Makes sense right? Perhaps Lama Yeshe said it best: “Be gentle first with yourself if you wish to be gentle …

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Releasing Attachment to the Ego

Spiritual Surrender – Awareness of Ego Self and Releasing Attachments and Expectations What is Spiritual Surrender?: The Process of Releasing Attachment and Expectation “If I am able to remain unattached to results, I am happy. It is when I am so attached to a certain outcome that I suffer. I …

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Balancing Your Life with Feng Shui in the Home and at Work

Balancing Your Life with Feng Shui in the Home Have you ever noticed how some homes make you feel relaxed, ready to lounge, while others make you want to run for the hills? Do you wonder why some businesses are financially prosperous while others of equal merit fail? It’s a …

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