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Breaking an Addict’s Cycle of Use

There has been increased media attention on the opioid crisis going on in America, very few deny the dangers of addiction and the damage it is doing to families, businesses, communities, and the nation as a whole. American businesses and people lose more than 740 billion dollars a year due …

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The Painful Truth about Tooth Extraction


Although you do not want to hear this, but it might be necessary to pulling a tooth. Reasons for a tooth extraction Bad dental health, which can lead to decay, is the biggest reason why a dentist might extract a tooth. Either way the tooth will be at such a …

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Natural Route to Whiter Teeth

Thinking about whitening your teeth probably brings to mind images of dentist’s chairs, lasers and intensive chemical treatments to get rid of unsightly stains and dullness. However, some people look for more natural ways to get their teeth white. If you have heard the buzz about natural teeth whitening, then …

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