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Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how to cope!

Feeling overwhelmed is a state of mind. Yes, it may well be that there is a lot going on; however, for one person that may be energising and another overwhelming. For one person just a few tasks may ‘feel’ overwhelming while another merrily juggles many. One day the same person can feel …

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Releasing Attachment to the Ego

Spiritual Surrender – Awareness of Ego Self and Releasing Attachments and Expectations What is Spiritual Surrender?: The Process of Releasing Attachment and Expectation “If I am able to remain unattached to results, I am happy. It is when I am so attached to a certain outcome that I suffer. I …

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Healer – Dreams Work = Spirit – Things to Remember

Uplift Spiritual Growth and Acceleration and Create Your Light-Body Upon The Earth Tips for Easier Acceleration Stay Connected: One of the most important things to remember, in the midst of all the changes, challenges, and third-dimensional weirdness that are currently happening, is that you are not alone. Staying in regular …

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