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Learn About Birthstone Gemstones for Each Birthday Month

Gem Essences for Spiritual Enhancement and Energetic Balancing If you are planning to gift personalized items to your near and dear ones, then you might wish to consider a special gift, such as birthstone gemstones. Gemstones can easily be incorporated into rings and necklaces. Birthday gemstone jewelry can be made …

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Crystals, Gemstones And Their Healing Properties

Alternative Healing Information on Crystals – Gemstones and Their Healing Properties Gemstone Properties & Alternative Healing With Gemstones You can find alternative healing solutions from mother earth in the healing properties of gemstones and crystals. Your love of a certain type of jewelry may speak to healing issues in your …

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Gem Therapy in Ayurveda: 9 Healing Gemstones

Healing Gemstones

Gems or precious stones are called so because they provide the mind with a feeling of heavenly happiness owing to their beauty and a particular effect, which they bestow over our life and health. As in the Indian jyotish shastra or astrology, it is believed that the rays that come …

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Reiki Books for New and Re-Emerging Reiki Healers

Reiki Resources for New and Re-Emerging Healers There are many wonderful books that teach the theory of Reiki as a healing therapy, and offer an understanding of the different forms of this healing art. We have compiled a list of some excellent resources for your library. This list is not …

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Send Unique Gifts for the Home, Garden, or Personalized Gift Giving

Unique Gifts for Home, Garden, and Personalized Gift Giving If you are wanting to buy unique gifts online you will find everything from gardening-accesory ideas, to home improvement through Feng Shui. Another popular item, personalized spa gift baskets provide an oasis of relaxation in a hectic world. Home Gifts, Products, …

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Alternative Healing Therapies for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Alternative Health and Healing Modalities – Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Polarity Therapy and Other Natural Therapies Here is a sample of articles on various healing therapies, including alternative healing modalities that are becoming more popular in all sectors of health and wellness…and some that are just emerging as viable and natural …

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