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Performance Based Training

INTRODUCTION In my initial discussion on performance based training, I covered the basics of proper goal setting and followed that up with some tips and principles on programming. It is important to understand that results can only come when we are balanced in our view of our own needs both …

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How to be successful in every area of your life

Everyone wants to be successful. While success is often associated with fame and fortune, the word more generally means to achieve a desired aim. So success is embedded in every and each of our short- and long-term undertakings. There are several areas in which we can be successful: career, relationships, academia and finances. It’s …

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Oh, My Aching Head, Taming Tension and Migraine Headaches

Natural Headache Relief – Migraine Help If you’re alive, you’ve probably had a headache at least once in your life. Headaches seem to be a universal thing. You most probably have experienced a tension headache, from stress, or the kind of intense but fleeting headache that comes from eating something …

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