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Better Medicine Through Electronic Record Keeping

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Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) appear to be all the rage among medical practitioners these days. They’re appearing in offices around the country, allowing doctors, nurses, therapists and the like greater flexibility and confidence in their practices. Medical recordkeeping has always been the bane of the medical profession that falls into …

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Safe Homeopathic Formulas for Colic, Bedwetting, Temper Tantrums

Children’s Homeopathic Remedies from Native Remedies – Treat Bedwetting, Colic, Teething, and Temper Tantrums Tips from the book, The Homeopathic Treatment of Children. Homeopathic remedies for children can help with everything from colic to temper tantrums. There are even effective herbal remedies for teething and bedwetting. Did you know recent …

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