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The Potential of Chatbots in Healthcare

As the digital age marches onward and upward, so do the issues that plague the modern healthcare industry. Costs are on the rise with the advancement of medical technology, including pharmaceuticals, the price of which increases commensurately with the cost to deliver such options. Huge amounts of money are being …

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The sound of tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where you literally hear noises in your head without having any psychiatric conditions.  It can be heard in any area of your head, or in one or even both ears. You are the only one that can hear it as it is not created by an …

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What are the most dangerous steroids in the world?

Mens health

Steroids are mostly seen as dangerous and possibly deadly. It is therefore understandable, since these sort of drugs are so risky, that anabolic steroids are being classified as schedule II drugs, alongside painkillers like codeine and sedative ketamine. But what is important to grasp is that all steroids are dangerous, …

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What the Cause of Tinnitus? Remedies for Ringing Ears

Remedies for Tinnitus – What Causes Ringing in the Ears and What Can Help Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms Tinnitus Remedies – Cause and Sounds of Tinnitus Learn what causes ringing in the ears and what can help relieve tinnitus and TMJ. What is Tinnitus? Tinnitus (sometimes misspelled tinitus or tinnitis and …

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