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6 Big Reasons You Need to Visit Your Dentist Regularly


There’s a reason that you’ll be asked to make an appointment for six months or so down the road before you leave your dentists office.  While it’s not the appointment everyone likes the most, it’s an important one.  You might think it’s not a big deal to skip the dentist, …

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5 Simple Tips to Boost Sex Drive with Low Testosterone

Mens health

Sometimeswe found ourselves unable to perform sexually and don’t have the lust for sex as usual; life is busy and tiring and sex needs concentration.Men and women are different. Women have a complete set of hormonal andemotional needs that must be satisfied to get in the mood for sex while …

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In-Office Vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening – What’s Right For You?

If you’re interested in teeth whitening in Canada, visiting a cosmetic dentist is the best option. Consumer-grade at-home teeth whitening kits are not nearly as effective as professional whitening treatments. But you may be wondering what’s right for you – in-office teeth whitening, or a custom, at-home whitening kit from …

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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

Cosmetic Procedures

If there was a magic pill that we could all take that would guarantee results, there’d be a queue and it would sell out. Sadly there isn’t, and anything that is worth attaining usually involves hard work and an investment of time. The local gym survives because there are no …

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What Happens If You Don’t Take Care of Your Gums

When it comes to oral health, teeth are the things that you see, so they get the most attention. This makes sense, but it’s not entirely fair to the other parts of your mouth that get neglected. These include the areas around the jawbone and gums, called the periodontal region. …

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Who run the biggest STD clinics around the world?

Sexual health

Governmental departments mostly run the sexual health industry and even these are being assisted by non-governmental organization, which are funded by other governments for the well-being for the people within a country. However, of late a new player has started to enter the market – that of the commercial operator. …

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10 Signs That You Could Have Food Poisoning

Holistic Nutrition

In America, food poisoning affects around 9.3 million people each year. This is due to consuming drinks or food that contain bacteria, parasites and viruses. With proper cooking techniques, most harmful organisms are destroyed. But the lack of hygiene and the correct food storage methods can lead to contamination, which …

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