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Gothic Angel Art is Often Spiritually Channeled From The Artist

Fantasy and Gothic Angel Art Gothic angel art is characterized by the use of fictional angelic characters that portray a sense of serenity and calm along with added mysticism of an intriguing time. This form of art is not limited to canvas paintings; it’s used extensively by professional sculptors for …

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Ayurveda – Successful treatment of every disease

What we do not know about the millennial Eastern medicine.   Ayurveda is a medicine that during its thousand-year evolution has found ways to cure each disease. It successfully copes with the “modern” diseases of the present day, caused, for example, by the stress – depression, headache, cardiovascular problems, stomach …

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Your Super Hero Day—Without Stress—Starts He

Perhaps you know that staying stress-free is what will keep you working for another 20 years… Yet you aren’t sure what that looks like on a practical level… According to The Barnes Firm, “Some of the most severe workplace injuries are the result of overexertion.” They go on to note …

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The Health Benefits of Powerlifting

In a world of hashtags and fitness inspiration, it can be hard to choose a fitness regimen to which one can commit themselves. One website might say running is the best way to stay healthy while another says that running is torture on the joints and should be done sparingly. …

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STD symptoms and treatment for Chlamydia

Sexual Health

Description Chlamydia trachomatis, or just chlamydia, is a common curable bacterial sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is caused by the pathogen bacterium. This bacteria affects the cervix in women and the urethra and rectum in woman and men. But it can been found in other areas, such as the lining …

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What is Reiki? And how does it work?

A brief history of Reiki Reiki is an ancient healing system originally from Japan. Reiki comes from Rei, which is the Universal Consciousness – i.e. God, Goddess, Divine Force, Creator, Great Spirit or whatever your preferred name for describing the intelligent, benevolent creative force of the Universe – and Ki, which …

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