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Calories Burned Bicycling Helps Couples Get in Shape

Burn Calories While Having Fun: Ride-a-Bike for Vibrant Health Riding a bicycle is the only exercise suitable for just about everyone. A bike helps you gain health benefits without taxing your muscles. It can also assist you in reducing your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other chronic and …

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Learn Feng Shui Colors and Location for Your Front Door

Feng Shui Front Door Colors and Best Location to Place the Entrance to Your Home Feng Shui, pronounced Fung Shway, is the art of making your space sacred, energetically balanced and vitalized. The front entrance to your home is regarded as the mouth of your humble abode, the threshold to …

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Alternative Healing Through Cellular Healing Therapy

  Cellular Therapy: Learn About Cellular Healing Modalities Question for Dr. Leia: I have heard of the term cellular healing, is this the same as cellular therapy? Someone was telling me about some products that renew your cells that have anti-aging prosperities. Yet I have heard the term in new …

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