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Is Salt Actually Bad for You?

Holistic Nutrition

The mineral that consists mostly of sodium chloride (NaCl), or better known as salt, is what we use to season food by increasing flavor, but also to preserve food can also stop bacteria from growing. Then again, in recent years, salt has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure …

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Living Longer Through Laughter, Exercise, Relaxation, and Nutrition

Free Health Articles and Health Alerts – Practical Information for Living Longer Living longer is one thing and enjoying those extra years is quite another. These simple longevity tips can go a long way toward both living longer and enjoying better health. Live Longer. Tips for Adding Life to Your …

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New Version of Food Pyramid and Daily Healthy Eating Plans

The USDA’s New Food Guide Pyramid vs. The Harvard’s Pyramid Version The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a new Food Guide Pyramid that is supposedly for healthier eating. It is now called MyPyramid and can be found at It is interesting to note that during the previous …

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Discerning Health Fads from Health Fact by Dr. Leia Melead

Discerning Health Fads From Facts by Dr. Leia Melead Herbs and natural substances are not always “safe.” The following are a few of the most popular herbs and supplements which can easily be found in a health food store and department stores. Please note that these substances should not be …

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