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Livestrong: a destination for those who want to stay healthy

LIVESTRONG Foundation and Demand Media envisioned LIVESTRONG.COM as the destination website for those who want to take control of their health and build their own success story. They believe that every person should be given the right information concerning food, fitness and the necessary inspiration for them to live a …

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Australian researchers claim Asprin may cause blindness

A new study done by some researchers in Australia shows that people who have developed the habit of taking aspirin to relieve their pain are more likely, as they grow old, to develop macular degeneration in comparison to people who rarely or never take the painkiller. Macular degeneration is a …

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How much is a pregnancy going to cost you today?

Most women, when thinking of having a baby just want to feel that joy of procreating this little creature that they are going to hold in their hands and take care of with love. They don’t usually think of the financial obligations that go with it. But sooner or later …

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